Guide 101 | How To Dry Brush & Why It’s So Important

I’ve been off and on dry brushing my body for years now, and am just now realizing how amazing it really is.  Being consistent with it is the key!  Dry body brushing daily is a natural way to reduce cellulite, increase circulation, improve metabolism, eliminate dead skin cells and help the body's natural detoxification process.

How to use: Dry brush your skin every morning before showering or bathing. Starting at the soles of your feet, work with long, sweeping movements towards the heart, focusing on areas prone to cellulite. The brush should never be too rough or leave damage to the skin.  It should be invigorating, not painful!

I use this all natural Bamboo DRYBRUSH for sale HERE that I think you’re going to love.  It’s firm enough to get the blood flowing, but soft enough to not scratch or irritate your skin.  The best results I’ve had are on my inner thighs and stomach where cellulite likes to hide.

Make sure you moisturize when you get out of the bath/shower.  I’ve been using this classic (and incredible) body oil by RODIN and I absolutely LOVE the scent and the effects.


This one by THE ORGANIC PHARMACY is also fantastic and it’s a bit less expensive (also smells incredible).

Illustrations credit of GOOP.com and Louise Canneli