DIY | How To Hang A Hammock Chair From The Ceiling

We’ve been selling these beautiful handmade hammocks for years, and no one seems to have any idea how to hang them (sometimes not even the handyman you may hire to do the hard part). 

Here’s the quick and easy way we’ve found works just fine!  You may opt to use chain— we like the more industrial look—but have also used coated wire, which has a little ‘neater’ of a look and then you aren’t worried about little fingers getting hold of the chain links. It’s also quieter if that matters to you.

Here’s our quick list:

From the ceiling down (for concrete ceilings)

1000 Lb Hammock Hanging Kit -This kit goes directly into the concrete ceiling CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Spring Link (5/16in x 3-1/4in | 280lb)— I have tons of these in my toolbox and they always seem to come in handy during these types of projects or anything that requires chains. This link will slide onto the swing hardware and then attach to the Eye and Eye Swivel piece.  See next item.

Eye and Eye Swivel (1/4in | 850lb)— This piece is necessary so that the swing is able to turn 360 degrees and allow the chain the spin freely.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Spring Link (5/16in x 3-1/4in | 280lb)— This will connect the Eye and Eye Swivel piece to the chain.

Galvanized Chain- Measure the height you want the swing to hang at, and then measure the length of chain to the ceiling. In my case, with a 10ft ceiling, I only needed 36” of chain.  The chain I have in this picture was smaller than the large Spring Link that will attach the chain to the hammock, so i needed to add an extra smaller Spring Link to hook them together.  If you get a big enough chain to fit through the Extra Large Spring Link you won’t need to add the extra one.

Extra Large Spring Link— You need this large size to connect to the hammock connector..

This is what it will all look like when it’s connected (above image).

This is the hammock connected to the extra large Spring Link

The view from the chain aisle at Home Depot can be intimidating if you don't know exactly what you are looking for!

You can typically find all the items I have listed above in the same aisle at Home Depot.