Tatiana Gerusova- ‘Sprinkles Eyebrows’ Edition of 20

Tatiana Gerusova- ‘Sprinkles Eyebrows’ Edition of 20

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Framed 23"x23"

Edition 5/20

About Tatiana:

Born in Russia, Gerusova has had a love for fashion and photography from an early age. She studied art and music at university before moving to the US in her early twenties, where she now resides in Los Angeles, California. She has had her photographs published in magazines such as Vogue Italia and Pin Up America, and her work has shown in galleries across the US. She first found recognition when she won Photo magazine’s annual contest, which resulted in her work appearing on the cover. Her first book, titled ‘Krasotka’, which means ‘beautiful’ in Russian, was published in 2015. .