For over a decade now Moriello has been producing high impact imagery, brand development, and conceptual graphic design for a wide range of an influential group of clients. Moriello’s work as a graphic designer has earned him several prestigious awards for his original creations. Today, he introduces his latest artwork through color therapy. Inspired by photography and cinematography, his creations highlight the chemistry of colors with abstract design. Every piece explores the issues relative to today’s culture, public and private identity, expurgation as well as exhibitionism.

Having all but abandoned my paintbrush and all its traditional pigments, I find myself dazzled in a pixel world. The result of an epiphany, and the outcome of something so negative, a “pixilated” image becomes a stunning fascination. Color synergy and color composition create a vibrancy to stimulate all five senses. Simply attracted to color, the actual image remains a fantasy. The magnetism of the colors draws in the observer without he or she recognizing my hidden explicit image behind each print in its physical size. Most of my images are inspired by cinematography by highlighting the chemistry of colors with abstract design. These color pixel images are appreciated for their color composition, and with a little inspiration, imagination, and creativity, one can discover the hidden sexual perversion. What is your sex color?