I have always worked with my hands in very physical and practical ways. Clay enables the rendering and manipulation of forms with your hands, which for me provides aesthetic development and satisfaction. On the surface, my works are about beauty and balance. The potter’s wheel produces vessels in the round, and it is this kind of vessel which has served our physical and creative needs while speaking about mankind’s journey for the past 25,000 years. This is what gives clay its deeper significance for me and fuels my ideas about the process and the pathway of mankind. With my work, I am continuing to use the movement of lines across the vessel’s surface to represent our movement through life.

JJ Savage, a full-time ceramic artist living and working in McKinney, Texas, has been creating clay works for over 16 years. Educated in pottery at Louisiana College, JJ moved to Texas to do graduate studies at TAMU-Commerce. Since then he has lived in McKinney and has built a small home studio from which he now works.