A. M. Martens
Sculpture/Installations • CHICAGO
Currently, my work uses the imagery of needles made from clay and actual thread, which allows me to speak about the moment of connection. I see the needle as an essential implement, a tool of action, in the process that connects the various parts that make up oneself, while the thread is the binder that holds them in place. Like our past experiences, the needle and thread are not always evident or visually present, yet they are vital to forming our understanding of ourselves. In using the imagery of this tool and binder I am able to discover various moments of connection.

I choose to work with clay for its versatility and its historical relationship to humans. Its physical properties allow for the creation and reproduction of objects and imagery while its tactile quality permits the hand to become a part of the piece and its process. In a time when technology and the seamless design are increasingly present in our daily lives, the evidence of human presence through the clays response to touch and blemishes has become an essential element of my work. Additionally, I choose to juxtapose clay with found material, as I find it offers me the opportunity to explore the dialog and space between a simulated object and the real.