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Showing up with a thoughtless gift is as bad as showing up empty handed… Here are a few tips that will save your day.

#1-  A bottle of wine is just plain old…plain.  Show a bit of your personality and show up with a vintage brass bottle opener and a pack of craft beer.  *thoughtful*

brass anchor                   brass turtle

#2- What about a cool set of vintage apertif glasses with a handwritten secret family desert recipe?  These letterpressed recipe cards I found on Etsy are so cute *sigh*

recipe card etsy

#3- Since we like to hang out with a whiskey drinking bunch… I’d be super excited to get a leather wrapped flask and a bottle of Angels Envy… *hint hint*

angels-envy                             leather flask

Click Here If you need more gift ideas OR call us and we can help you come up with something.  We’ll even wrap it and send it for you!  If you are in Dallas, we can have it hand delivered….what’s more thoughtful than that!?