Nifty Shades of Grey

Published 03.07.13 Written by: Steven Lindsey

gallerie-noir la mode

A walk down Dragon Street and into its dozens of art galleries and interior design showrooms can be overwhelming. There are so many styles, so many colors, so many different levels of tastes. But, when you come across a gallery where you feel right at home, the connection can run so deep it’s almost romantic. Where many galleries perform exercises in sensory overload, Gallerie Noir takes a completely different approach. From vintage furnishings to new pieces, nearly everything within the space incorporates a rather specific color palette – grey, black and brown. Only the artwork, rugs and the occasional accessory bring in subtle splashes of other hues.

“We call it historical modern because we’re bringing in those vintage pieces that we’ve redone and bringing in modern lines and contemporary elements,” says Melissa M. Enriquez, founder, interior designer and fine art curator. “Things can get really cold if you don’t bring in architectural elements or historical pieces. You need something with warmth and although we’re contemporary, it’s a warm contemporary.”

At Gallerie Noir, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between what’s vintage and what’s brand-new, because the curating is so spot-on. But settle your focus on a French train cart now serving as a cocktail table and it’s clear that every vintage piece has a story to tell and a richness in texture and wear that can’t be simulated.

“It’s the patina on all the woods, the Indonesian pieces, the Indian pieces, the African pieces,” says Gallery Director Carrie White, regarding the broad spectrum of international influences.

“We definitely mix some Texas in here, too, which I think is really important. It’s where we are and what we love,” Enriquez says. “The hides, the fur, the leather, the horns. There are so many things that say Texas, but they say it in a more updated way.” Continue reading article