Gallerie Noir awarded 2014 'Best of Big D' Editors' Choice for Best Affordable Art

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Interior designer and showroom owner Melissa Enriquez relocated from California to Dallas a couple of years ago.  She brought that very chill and cool West Coast sensibility to her Design District space with a curated collection of art, furniture, gifts, and home accessories.  You're not going to have any issues with "you break it, you buy it" here because the space is far from crowded.  You can really go in and see what you are looking at, if that makes sense.  Enriquez has a great eye for art-- she represents a cool cadre of contemporary artists such as Eric Cleaver White, Aaron Fuller, and Elizabeth L. Gilbert with works at very good price points.  She also has tons of innovative design ideas that she loves to chat about. 1525 Dragon Street 214-760-9536