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We are so pleased to have opened another gorgeous show at Gallerie Noir through November 22. This show features mineral murals by Dallas native & mosaic artist Connie Chantilis; wood sculptures from Texas artist Willis Lejeune; and loose minerals from The Arkenstone.

Thanks to all the people who make these wonderful celebrations of art and beauty happen! This is a show that MUST be seen in person to fully appreciate.

Gallerie Noir Layers & Light-004Gallery showing of LAYERS and LIGHT featuring artists Connie Chantilis & Willis Lejeune

Gallerie Noir Layers & Light-012Wood sculpture by Willis Lejeune ‘WILD’ $6500. It is a mesquite root system found in Texas.

Gallerie Noir Layers & Light-020Milagros by Connie Chantilis are made from all natural elements and include a good luck horseshoe on each one and are to be placed in the home for good luck.  $195 each

connie edits.jpg-2From Connie Chantilis’s ‘Sticks & Stones’ collection.  Small murals created from selenite and other minerals start at $495

Gallerie Noir Layers & Light-036Gallerie Noir owner, Melissa Enriquez; Wood Sculptor, Willis Lejeune; Gallery Director, Carrie White in front of Willis’ piece ‘WILD’

Gallerie Noir Layers & Light-035Gallerie Noir owner, Melissa Enriquez; Mineral mosais artist, Connie Chantilis; Gallery Director, Carrie White in front of Connie’s piece $8500

Gallerie Noir Layers & Light-077
Opening reception for ‘LAYERS and LIGHT’ at Gallerie Noir

Gallerie Noir Layers & Light-099Gallery Director, Carrie White; Darin Kunz; Jenifer Strauss; Gallerie Noir owner, Melissa Enriquez; Christie Whitten

Gallerie Noir Layers & Light-129Minerals from The Arkenstone

Gallerie Noir Layers & Light-108John Stafira; Lauren Parsons and guest

Gallerie Noir Layers & Light-058Darin & Margot Ruebel