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The Royal Hunt Collection

A Brief History of the Royal Hunt Collection
With Over 400 documented trophy mounts from the 19th and early 20th centuries, the Royal Hunt Collection is the largest known collection of Imperial German hunting trophies in private hands outside of Europe today. It is comprised of nine unique sub-collections representing the whole of the German Empire and its African colonies, and includes mounts from the personal collections of Kaiser Wilhelm II and Emperor Franz Joseph. The Hohenzollern and Hapsburg dynasties, as well as the Rothschild and Eulenburg households, are just some of the notable names within this one-of-a-kind collection of exquisite hunting mounts.

The Royal Hunt Collection has been assembled over a period of 40 years, mostly through the support of the descendants of Kaiser Wilhelm II himself, with whom the curator of these trophies is a long-time friend. After acquiring certain trophies attributed to Kaiser Wilhelm II, the curator was approached by other members of the Kaiser royal family, and was able to purchase other pieces and collections directly from the descendants of the original owners. The collection was augmented by purchases from other collectors as well as from other Famous families and individuals, such as the Rothschild of Australia and Ludwig II of Bavaria.

Current State of the Collection

These trophies have survived traversing the Atlantic, two World Wars, and the ravages of time. In remarkable shape, they remained mostly untouched for the latter part of the 20th century. The mounts within the collection have been well preserved, and many of them retain their original inscriptions detailing the history of the hunt in which the game animal was taken.

LAYERS and LIGHT by Connie Chantilis | OCTOBER 7 – NOVEMBER 22, 2014

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Connie Chantilis is an award-winning Dallas artist whose acclaimed company, CAC Mosaic Designs Studio, specializes in unique, custom-designed mosaic and sculptural art works and installations.  Her vision is to change the purpose and the meaning of ordinary objects through color and texture, as well as, imagination, humor, and love.  She has applied her creative and technical skills to countless works commissioned by private individuals and corporations for both interior and exterior projects.
Connie’s years of experience and connections allow her to find the perfect materials for each project and work of art.  She acquires exquisite materials from the local area and from around the world including minerals, fossils, petrified wood, recycled glass, silver leafed glass tile, Italian smalti, vintage pottery, and found art – sourcing from a plethora of almost every imaginable creation of nature and man.
The 2010 winner of a Juror’s Choice Award in the Society of American Mosaic Artists’ Mosaic  Arts International exhibit for her large-scale installation grotto, Connie has exhibited her work at the Smith Museum of Stained Glass, Chicago; Curiosities, Bath House Cultural Center; Andeleon Art Gallery, Dallas; Desert Art Collection, Palm Desert, CA; and Jain Marunouchi Gallery, New York.



In our main gallery through the middle of February, we are presenting a group show featuring the following artists:

Stevie Tate | Aaron Fuller | Paul Chojnowski | Joel Bermano | Chris Lyons



Please join us on January 31st for a solo show featuring artist Stevie Tate from 7-9pm.


Gallerie Noir presents Stevie Tate’s live filming of The Romance of Art & Words.

Pure & dynamic, raw & from the heart is Stevie Tate in his message that romances the relationship of art, words & life.

**Please arrive promptly for live film set**

RSVP to melissa@gallerienoir.com

Facebook invitation http://www.facebook.com/events/146057155547602/?ref=2


FEBRUARY 23rd: Dragon Street Art and Gallery Walk

Please join us to welcome local Dallas artist Caroline Oliver to debut her latest collection of oil paitings.

Reception February 23rd from 6-8pm.

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A.M. Martens “Our Binding Path”- Stoneware Needles, Thread, and Batting
MARCH 16th (opening party)- APRIL 27th


Artist statement:

Painting relates to both art and life. Neither can be made. (I try to act in that gap between the two.) Robert Rauschenberg 1959

As we navigate through our daily lives we encounter an array of objects. Most of which we engage with solely on a functional level, while others additionally embody psychological impressions that are associated with past experiences, events, and people. I am interested in the desires we have to be connected to one another whether it is through relationships, memories, or today’s ever-increasing use of communication devices. As a human race we are able to form bonds with others that are nurtured emotionally and psychologically, however physical proximity is not always necessary. My work examines the bond and the desire to be connected through the liminal space that affixes the various pieces together that form our identity. It is within this liminal space that holds the memories, relationships, and experiences that define who we are and how we understand our place in the world. By exploring this area I am given the opportunity to either reveal and/or conceal the depth and layers that assist in shaping our own subjectivity.
Currently, my work uses the imagery of needles made from clay and actual thread, which allows me to speak about the moment of connection. I see the needle as an essential implement, a tool of action, in the process that connects the various parts that make up oneself, while the thread is the binder that holds them in place. Like our past experiences, the needle and thread are not always evident or visually present, yet they are vital to forming our understanding of ourselves. In using the imagery of this tool and binder I am able to discover various moments of connection.
I choose to work with clay for its versatility and its historical relationship to humans. Its physical properties allow for the creation and reproduction of objects and imagery while its tactile quality permits the hand to become a part of the piece and its process. In a time when technology and seamless design are increasingly present in our daily lives the evidence of human presence through the clays response to touch and blemishes has become an essential element of my work. Additionally, I choose to juxtapose clay with found material, as I find it offers me the opportunity to explore the dialog and space between a simulated object and the real.
A. M. Martens

Drew Merritt

April 13th- May 18th

Opening party Saturday, April 20th | 5-9pm | RSVP below

Gallerie Noir Drew Merritt fb-065Drew Merritt’s work is a blend of contemporary and classical subject matter and technique, resulting in the use of a myriad of mediums and textures to convey his vision of painting the human spirit. Graffiti covered cargo trains passed before the eyes of the budding artist and indefinitely inspired him to pursue a career underground, against the law, and creating his place in a hybrid culture, between rural and urban. Graffiti culture in itself is clandestine. Merritt’s subject matter, however, is seen with hope and determination of contemporary players in a positive, light fashion. The juxtaposition of these qualities yields a visually spectacular series of work.











AMADEO TRUNK SHOW hosted by Nine-Eighteen Fine Jewels and Gallerie Noir

May 9 from 5-9pm


Nine-Eighteen Fine Jewels invites you to a Trunk Show at Gallerie Noir featuring hand-carved cameos by Amedeo. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to shop the largest selection of one-of-a-kind Amedeo Cameo Jewels.

Nine-Eighteen Fine Jewels invites you to a Trunk Show at Gallerie Noir featuring hand-carved cameos by Amedeo. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to shop the largest selection of one-of-a-kind Amedeo Cameo Jewels – in Dallas for one night only!


Didier Legros presents ‘Chaos’ | September 18th- 23rd

The world premier of the kinetic art piece titled, Chaos by Didier Legros & Timothy Oulton who are starting their world tour of this incredible installation piece at Gallerie Noir from Sept 18th-Sept 23rd, with the opening reception on Sept 19th from 6-8pm

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Exhibit runs from October 1st- November 16



Melissa Enriquez and Carrie White of the Design District’s cutting edge Gallerie Noir are pleased to announce the arrival this fall of the museum exhibition Histories in Africa: Twenty Years of Photography by Elizabeth L. Gilbert.

The expansive black and white photography exhibition will be making its gallery debut in Texas this October after traveling to museums and universities in the United States. Says On View magazine, “Gilbert’s glorious photography, accompanied by her thoughtful, engaging text, offers sweeping views of a magnificent landscape and its peoples. Thought-provoking and remarkable, her work is a time capsule, perhaps even the last record, of age-old traditions and a way of life that will almost certainly soon vanish from our planet.”

American photojournalist, Elizabeth L. Gilbert, has lived and worked in Africa since 1991, traveling from Kenya to the Congo, throughout the Great Rift Valley, and reporting on civil wars in Rwanda, Somalia and Sudan. She is the author of two books, Broken Spears and Tribes of the Great Rift Valley, as well as the producer and subject of the new feature documentary film, The Last Safari (http://thelastsafarimovie.com) currently touring international film festivals.Gilbert’s silver gelatin prints from Africa are in the permanent photography collections of the Museum of Fine Art Houston and The Los Angeles County Museum of Art and have been published in The New York Times, Time Magazine, and Life, as well as numerous major European publications.

In keeping with Gallerie Noir’s intelligent infusion of fine art, history and modern design, the exhibit promises to be a must-see on Dragon Street this October. Opening night will be October 1st and will be followed by a series of special events including book signings, lectures, and a film screening by Elizabeth L. Gilbert.










Gallerie Noir is incredibly excited to annouce our next show featuring the work of photographer Lyle Owerko, and will be showing pieces from his limited edition Boombox Series.  Lyle will also be on hand for the Opening Reception on January 21st from 7-9pm signing his BOOK  ’The Boombox Project’.

The show will run from January 20- extended through March 23rd.

LYle Owerko 1

Lyle is best known for shooting the cover for the September 11, 2001 issue of Time, which was ranked as one of the most important magazine covers in the past 40 years by the American Society Of Magazine Editors.


Please click here  to see pieces that will be in the gallery in January.  Opening reception will be on January 21st from 6-8pm and will include signed books by Lyle for the Boombox Project.