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This past August marked my one year anniversary of being diagnosed, and cured from Endometrial Cancer. To mark that incredible milestone, it was really important for me to host my first annual charity shopping event where 20% of all proceeds were donated to the Dallas chapter of Young Texans Against Cancer (YTAC).

We couldn’t have been happier with the incredible jewelry & fashion designers who participated, including- CJ Rox, Abi Ferrin, Sweet Olive Jewelry, Edo Popken, Shirin Askari, Chantilly & of course to Strauss PR for getting the word out. It wouldn’t have happened without everyone’s help, so thank you, thank you, thank you!

We loved Shopping, Sipping, and Rocking with everyone and I absolutely can’t wait to do it even bigger and better next year!


GallerieNoirShopSipRock-BretRedman (99 of 180)GallerieNoirShopSipRock-BretRedman (158 of 180)GallerieNoirShopSipRock-BretRedman (127 of 180)GallerieNoirShopSipRock-BretRedman (153 of 180)GallerieNoirShopSipRock-BretRedman (13 of 180)GallerieNoirShopSipRock-BretRedman (103 of 180)GallerieNoirShopSipRock-BretRedman (106 of 180)GallerieNoirShopSipRock-BretRedman (87 of 180)GallerieNoirShopSipRock-BretRedman (16 of 180)GallerieNoirShopSipRock-BretRedman (61 of 180)GallerieNoirShopSipRock-BretRedman (76 of 180)GallerieNoirShopSipRock-BretRedman (53 of 180)GallerieNoirShopSipRock-BretRedman (115 of 180)GallerieNoirShopSipRock-BretRedman (43 of 180)GallerieNoirShopSipRock-BretRedman (122 of 180)GallerieNoirShopSipRock-BretRedman (124 of 180)GallerieNoirShopSipRock-BretRedman (172 of 180)GallerieNoirShopSipRock-BretRedman (180 of 180)GallerieNoirShopSipRock-BretRedman (129 of 180)




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We are so pleased to have opened another gorgeous show at Gallerie Noir through November 22. This show features mineral murals by Dallas native & mosaic artist Connie Chantilis; wood sculptures from Texas artist Willis Lejeune; and loose minerals from The Arkenstone.

Thanks to all the people who make these wonderful celebrations of art and beauty happen! This is a show that MUST be seen in person to fully appreciate.

Gallerie Noir Layers & Light-004Gallery showing of LAYERS and LIGHT featuring artists Connie Chantilis & Willis Lejeune

Gallerie Noir Layers & Light-012Wood sculpture by Willis Lejeune ‘WILD’ $6500. It is a mesquite root system found in Texas.

Gallerie Noir Layers & Light-020Milagros by Connie Chantilis are made from all natural elements and include a good luck horseshoe on each one and are to be placed in the home for good luck.  $195 each

connie edits.jpg-2From Connie Chantilis’s ‘Sticks & Stones’ collection.  Small murals created from selenite and other minerals start at $495

Gallerie Noir Layers & Light-036Gallerie Noir owner, Melissa Enriquez; Wood Sculptor, Willis Lejeune; Gallery Director, Carrie White in front of Willis’ piece ‘WILD’

Gallerie Noir Layers & Light-035Gallerie Noir owner, Melissa Enriquez; Mineral mosais artist, Connie Chantilis; Gallery Director, Carrie White in front of Connie’s piece $8500

Gallerie Noir Layers & Light-077
Opening reception for ‘LAYERS and LIGHT’ at Gallerie Noir

Gallerie Noir Layers & Light-099Gallery Director, Carrie White; Darin Kunz; Jenifer Strauss; Gallerie Noir owner, Melissa Enriquez; Christie Whitten

Gallerie Noir Layers & Light-129Minerals from The Arkenstone

Gallerie Noir Layers & Light-108John Stafira; Lauren Parsons and guest

Gallerie Noir Layers & Light-058Darin & Margot Ruebel


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In this video, Gallerie Noir artist Paul Choznowski shows off his incredible process for creating his “fire paintings”. There’s nothing we like more than finding an artist whose craft is unique and visionary, and that is exactly the end result of Paul’s hauntingly beautiful images.

More about Paul and to see available pieces please click here.


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Enjoy these pics from my favorite Dallas photographer Shana Anderson. We were so happy to host the amazing DIFFA for the House of DIFFA Masquerade Preview Party.  Too many people to thank for making such a large event such a success!

watermarked-diffa-media-2014-001 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-005 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-010 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-018 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-023 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-024 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-032

watermarked-diffa-media-2014-044 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-051 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-053 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-063 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-065 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-070 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-075 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-079 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-084 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-085 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-088 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-092 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-096 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-104 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-109

watermarked-diffa-media-2014-111 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-117 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-118 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-124 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-132 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-137 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-138 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-142 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-144 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-148 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-151 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-157 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-163 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-173 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-175 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-200 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-205 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-206 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-207 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-208 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-209 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-210 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-226 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-227 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-228 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-230 watermarked-diffa-media-2014-234



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It’s official!  Former Project Runway designer, Shirin Askari will have her first Pop Up shop in Gallerie Noir.  The pop up will debut on May 10th to coincide with a weekend shopping event featuring several well known designers featuring clothing, jewelry, and home accessories.  Shirin has been officing out of Gallerie Noir since 2013 where she created her latest collection.  The natural merging of fashion into the Gallerie Noir brand has been a seamless transition to growing their lifestyle collection.

More details to come.  Stay tuned on Instagram & Twitter @gallerienoir for up to the minute teasers.

About Shirin Askari:

Shirin Askari is a Dallas based designer whose love for dressing real women compelled her to create the line “ASKARI”. Only a few months after graduating from The University of North Texas with a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising Shirin was asked to be on the 6th season of Project Runway. After the show she moved to NYC to pursue a line of luxury womenswear. Since then she has shown at New York Fashion Week in Lincoln Center with audience including Mary Kate Olsen, Debra Messing and Kristen Chenoweth.

Her designs have also taken her to Milan for fashion week in addition to being awarded Fashion Group International’s “Rising Star in Fashion” Award. Shirin Askari’s new line “ASKARI” embraces effortless simplicity mixed with flattering silhouettes, bold colors, and artistic ethereal prints uniquely appropriate for every occasion. In addition to “ASKARI” Shirin designs a luxury line which includes custom bridal and eveningwear.

View the complete collection at | photoshoot at Gallerie Noir

*photo- Kate Dress- Spring/Summer 2014 Askari Collection

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Comments Off on Lyle Owerko’s Boombox Series Comes to Dallas

Gallerie Noir is incredibly excited to annouce our next show featuring the work of photographer Lyle Owerko, and will be showing pieces from his limited edition Boombox Series.  Lyle will also be on hand for the Opening Reception on January 21st from 7-9pm signing his BOOK  ‘The Boombox Project’.

The show will run from January 20- February 21.

LYle Owerko 1

Lyle is best known for shooting the cover for the September 11, 2001 issue of Time, which was ranked as one of the most important magazine covers in the past 40 years by the American Society Of Magazine Editors.


Please click here  to see pieces that will be in the gallery in January.  Opening reception will be on January 21st from 6-8pm and will include signed books by Lyle for the Boombox Project.




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Come by the gallery and receive 20% off the entire month of December*


*Sale excludes art





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Showing up with a thoughtless gift is as bad as showing up empty handed… Here are a few tips that will save your day.

#1-  A bottle of wine is just plain old…plain.  Show a bit of your personality and show up with a vintage brass bottle opener and a pack of craft beer.  *thoughtful*

brass anchor                   brass turtle

#2- What about a cool set of vintage apertif glasses with a handwritten secret family desert recipe?  These letterpressed recipe cards I found on Etsy are so cute *sigh*

recipe card etsy

#3- Since we like to hang out with a whiskey drinking bunch… I’d be super excited to get a leather wrapped flask and a bottle of Angels Envy… *hint hint*

angels-envy                             leather flask

Click Here If you need more gift ideas OR call us and we can help you come up with something.  We’ll even wrap it and send it for you!  If you are in Dallas, we can have it hand delivered….what’s more thoughtful than that!?



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Gallerie Noir (October Interiors Texas)