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Marco Guglielmino

Always being obsessed with light and color, neon has become the perfect medium for Marco Guglielmino -creating 3-Dimensional organic neon sculptures focusing on shape, balance and proportion. Creating a variety of sizes and large scale suspended chandeliers, using an age old medium in a modern way. You will see several series in the collection showing how neon can be used in a plethora of ways- combining chemistry and alchemy, beckoning the spirit of Nikola Tesla's vision of illuminating gasses. Neon gives off a beautiful light that is always flattering, even sexy.

This current series of neon lamps are all about free standing light sculpted that illuminate. Each base is filled with pigmented resin to create a solid foundation allowing the resin to flow off into drips & puddles of colored resin.

Each neon lamp is filled with a different gas to achieve different levels of brightness, from super bright to a soft pastel. Suitable for any environment. Each lamp is a one of a kind and individual in it's shape, glass color, glass thickness, color, gas, brightness and resin patterns. Signed, dated and numbered by the artist.

The suspended neon chandeliers are each 10' of glass and has their own personality within the glass color, thickness of glass, color of gas and in the way it illuminates.

The effect of floating light gives an ethereal effect. Several can be hung together to create a more dramatic effect on a grand scale.

The INTERACTIVE neon series interacts with your body's energy field when touched. The neon takes from your energy and makes each piece brighter or dimmer depending on how it is touched. You will see a color change at the contact point from blue to pink and from violet to blue. You can also direct the energy of the gas and illuminate it with your touch, thus proving that you are alive. This is a very special neon that is rarely seen.

In the pastel series, pastel lights is a soft light that glows and illuminates, unlike most neon that is very bright. This light is very sexy and perfect for the bedroom.

In another series, the introduction of pigmented resin with Marco's neon sculptures takes this illuminated glass to another level. Each layer of resin is pigmented to create a foundation for the neon to lay in. Some neon is completely engulfed in resin, some create a resin base, while others the resin drips off to create organic patterns.

On the chemistry side of neon, there are 4 noble gasses that can be used. Each gas gives off a different color and two can be mixed with a drop of mercury to change the color even more. Marco uses the entire palate of gas colors and glass colors to create his landscape of color.

All neon glass in made is Murano Italy. Neon is measured in generations and can last forever.

All other components - electrodes & transformers are all America.