Carrie White: Gallery Director

carrieCarrie White is a native Dallasite  and attended Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), graduating with a BFA in Textile Design. She moved to California after graduation and worked in the textile industry creating custom fabrics for large apparel and home furnishing lines.  She later became more involved in the custom furniture design and sales, product development and purchasing.  Carrie moved back to Dallas in 2010 and is primarily focused on the interior design side of the Gallerie Noir business.

Reese Threadgill: Acquisitions Consultant


Reese Threadgill received her BFA in Art History from Southern Methodist University and a GMC from SMU’s Cox School of Business. A fine art lover and advocate for children’s rights, her philanthropic engagements often collide with her passion and projects within the arts space. Ms. Threadgill has worked with galleries both domestically and internationally with a strong focus on contemporary and conceptual art. She currently serves as an acquisition consultant and art advisor based in Dallas, Texas.  Her previous experience includes directorship, consulting, advisory and operations management within Texas galleries and consulting to a private client base worldwide.