Melissa M. Enriquez: Founder | Interior Designer | Art Curator & Collector

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Melissa’s rich latin history and artistic family roots led her into the passionate career of interior design. Recognized among design professionals and her wide range of residential and commercial design clients, Melissa has developed a reputation for her discerning design style. Her award-winning renovation of her Lake Tahoe home won her the cover of Tahoe Quarterly magazine and recognition in green design using a combination of reclaimed materials.

Melissa’s commitment to incorporating historical artifacts with modern design is what defines her aesthetic.  You will see in her projects and in the showroom that she believes in the color palette of black, white and brown with splashes of gold, which creates a sense of calm and clarity in her designs. She sees color in limited elements of rugs and art.  Her clients know she will always let the architecture of the home, mixed with their needs and her own design interpretation, dictate the direction of the project.

In the last few years, she has spent a considerable amount of time working with upcoming artists and fine art dealers and collectors. These relationships have fueled her passion of collecting art for her own collection and procuring art for her interior design clients and gallery.